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ATTENTION BREEDERS! Breeders need not contact me! I am very, very select on granting breeding rights. My biggest nightmare is that a pup of mine will end up in a puppy mill, where they are caged for life. Buyers need to beware of puppy mills, since even in this breed it is becoming a problem, just as it is with other breeds. Due to my refusal to grant breeding rights, except to a select few, I lose many puppy sales, which is fine with me. I certainly enjoy the sleep I get at night knowing that my fur children are not in a bad environment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t - if the fur kids I raised did not go to the wonderful pet homes they deserve. Nothing is more rewarding for me than watching a family holding their newly adopted fur baby for the first time. I shed tears each time a pup leaves, but they are truly tears of joy, since I know that my pups are going to a better place, where they are one of one, or one of two, and not one of many as they are with me. The rewards continue as I receive pictures back and can watch as the kids grow into beautiful HEALTHY adults just as their parents are.


HEALTH POLICY: All of my adults have had their hips x-rayed and their eyes checked prior to being bred. If you receive a puppy from me, and it dies of an inherited defect within the first 3 years (per your Veterinarian’s written record), your puppy is replaced. At my discretion, I would possibly replace the pup beyond that period, after speaking with your Vet, but up to 3 years is definitely guaranteed.

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Regarding pricing: I could have 2 pups in the same litter priced differently due to the fact that one might be “pet” quality and the other “show” quality. The pet quality pups will be loving and wonderful, but possibly their earset is not the best OR their topline isn’t perfect. Possibly their bite is not a scissor bite required by the show ring, and is instead level (allowed in the Standard size Aussie but not mini or toy show ring) or slightly undershot. Regardless, you would never see it isn’t perfect unless you lifted the lip for inspection. The minor bite issues will not effect the pup’s eating or looks but makes him “PET” quality. Even in the Standard size Aussies, the earsets can be wild (look at “The Australian Shepherd” magazine at pet stores), with one ear up and one down, or even both ears up. However, for the show ring, we need a certain earset, so without that the pup becomes “PET”quality. He/she will make a great pet but just is not a pup for the show ring. Those looking for a highly intelligent SMALL pet will enjoy the pup with an earset not perfect just as much as they would his “SHOW” quality sibling. The majority of the Toy Aussie breeders (excepting the show kennels) price the pups who have faults (per the breed standard) the same as they price the show pup, because they often don’t know the difference. Most do not do health clearances on the adults, either, and they are asking the same price for pups that the show kennels are asking. So, if you are looking for a nice Toy Australian Shepherd, and I do not have what you are looking for, I will gladly forward your request over to a reputable toy/mini Aussie breeder. We have some great breeders, and there is no reason for anyone to get an unhealthy pup - just stay away from puppy mills! You might save $200.00 initially, but that savings could dwindle quickly with an unhealthy pup!

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