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For any of you that have purchased or plan on purchasing a puppy from Nancy Stacey(CitySlickers) and are not familiar with what a wonderful home these pups come from you need to know about our experience when we went to CitySlickers Ranch(home)and picked out our fur child.

These puppies have the best environment possible. It's like a doggie spa, baby pools to cool off in and lots of room to run and play and even a few cats to have as buddies. It was such fun seeing so many happy dogs everywhere you looked. One of the best parts was watching Nancy bottle feed one of the newborns.

We feel that our mini red merle, Mocha, had a wonderful place be in until we were able to bring her home to join our family. If we decide to get another fur child, CitySlickers is where we would go.

Thanks Nancy

Phil & Janet Axtell


I would like to express my sincerethanks to Nancy Stacy for sending me two of the most beautiful pups in theworld. I was very blessed to have found a truly wonderful breeder who lovesand cares about her puppies. When I found The CitySlickers website, I was a little apprehensive and reluctant to do dealings through the internet without seeing the pups or Nancy in person. I corresponded with Nancy via email on several occasions, followed up by numerous telephone calls.

The whole transaction and experience was pleasurable and flawless with the best interest of the puppy in mind. The pup flew from Florida to my homein Connecticut. Nancy chose the best and most direct flight with the least amount of flying time involved. The pup was shipped in a kennel with articles of clothing scented with familiar odors for comfort, along with a bit of tasty treats for after the flight. Nancy prepared us with information priorto the pups arrival, including many tips about caring for the pup at theend of the flight and what to bring with us to the airport. After the arrival of the pup, a follow-up phone call was placed to assure Nancy that the puppy arrived safe and sound.

We had such a wonderful experience the first time, we decided to get a second pup.

Thank you Nancy for all the love and joy you have brought to our lives throughyour beautiful puppies! When you purchase a puppy from City Slickers you areonly a phone call or email away from help and advice from Nancy...... shehas always been there for me and my puppies with love and concern.


Diana from CT


In March 2011, my husband and I decided to find a new “foreverfriend”. We have a full-sized 9-year-old Australian Shepherd and absolutelylove her. However, we have a small camper, and love to travel and knew that 2big dogs would be difficult. Therefore we decided on a mini Aussie.

Once I found Nancy’s website, I knew she was the breeder wewere looking for. Her thorough health checks of the parents, the reason shedoes not grant breeding rights, all fit with our philosophy. We could tell thatshe truly cares about her dogs, and we knew we would not end up with a “puppymill” dog.

We arrived on a cool March morning. Driving up the longdrive to the house, you could tell this was a special place indeed. The dogwoodtree was in full bloom, and curious horses watched us as we waited for Nancy atthe gate. As we walked around the corner, past the swimming pool, happy littleAussies playing by the pool greeted us. We sat in the family room talking withNancy for quite a while as we talked about what type of puppy we were lookingfor – the perfect fit for our family.

Finally she brought out our puppy – the minute we saw him weknew he was the perfect dog for us. He is a beautiful tri-color Aussie with oneblue eye and one brown. We may be a little prejudiced, but we think he is thesmartest puppy we’ve ever had. He is just a little over 4 months old now andalready is housetrained, leash trained, and sits on command. Our older Aussieloves him, and our two cats tolerate his puppy antics. He is a complete joy andwe are looking forward to many years with our sweet little Orion.

Our friends have all fallen in love withOrion, and I have highly recommended City Slickers Ranch to each and every oneof them.

Kathy Pickara


We live in Manhattan where every designer dog imaginable exists, but we cannot walk more than a few steps without receiving commen tsabout how beautiful our blue-eyed merle Miko is.  My nervousness about purchasing him sight unseen turned out to be entirely unfounded. Nancy invests a tremendous amountof care and love into her puppies. Whenwe picked Miko up at the airport there was freeze dried meal attached to thecrate and soft flannel bedding inside. Now full-grown he weighs in ata portable 20 pounds and I cannot imagine a better dog. He is a wonderful companion to me and my two children. He has a great temperament and is always eagerto greet and give kisses to all – human and canine alike. He is also extremely smart, easily trained and a natural athlete. He is a great exercise companion outdoors,often playing fetch or Frisbee with his many ‘doggie’ friends in Central Park,but equally happy walking with me on or off leash or lying down beside meindoors. Nancy has been beyond wonderful. Time and time again she has proved herself a forever parent to ourpup, always happy to answer my questions and share her knowledge. I cannot thank her enough for selecting this little guy to join  our family. Wecannot imagine life without him.

Aliza Lauf


I would be delighted to tell people about our experience!! As soon as I saw Darcy on your web page I knew she was going to be my new dog. I fell in love right away. I showed my husband and to my surprise he readily said yes. The night before we went to get her it felt like Christmas to me. I was so excited. When we pulled up to your drive and saw all the dogs  running around and the horses in the pasture I thought that this would be the kind of home that I would love to have. Meeting you was just so comfortable. It felt like I knew you and all we had done was sent emails back and forth. When you brought Darcy in to meet us for the first time I could not have imagined a cuter pup! She looked like a little bear! She sniffed around us for a couple minutes and then climbed right in my lap and started eating shoelaces. Typical puppy, right? Anyway you made sure that we knew everything about her and her breed and gave us a history on her bloodlines. We brought her home and I realized all over again how fun it was to have a puppy in the house. She makes me laugh everyday. To me that is the greatest gift of Darcy. Thank you for that!!!! And when Darcy gets a little older I am hoping to get a brother from you also!!    


Our cousins in Orlando, Florida had an adorable miniature Aussienamed Bandit.   We knew we just had to have another dog like Bandit.  Sowe were put in touch with their breeder - Nancy  - and we described our familyand our other dog, a black and white Border Collie.  Nancy  sent us picturesof a tri-colored red pup and we thought she was beautiful with the most exquisitemarkings.  We live in Massachusetts and we arranged for a friend to transportthe dog by plane to Boston.  Nancy dropped off "Charlie" to our friend atthe airport and came equipped with food, and all other essentials the pupneeded.  She was so helpful and became a true family friend.  She chose aperfect, beautiful puppy for our family and we know that we will definitelyreturn to City Slicker ranch in the future for another addition to our family.

Margaret Vento


I first laid eyes on our new puppy when we met in the Florida Turnpike stop outside of Orlando. Of course I instantly knew that Nancy from City Slicker Ranch made the right choice for our family.

I started my search for a new Miniature Australian Shepherd as many people do today on the World Wide Web. I Googled on several occasions and looked at many sites. I made phone call after phone call and spoke to quite a number of breeders. Some I wrote off shortly after the hello as it seemed to me that they were not interested in where their puppy would end up. Others I wrote off because they said something or another about the care they give to their dogs and puppies that just did not sound right. This was not the feeling I had when I spoke to Nancy.

After many conversations with Nancy I knew about our puppies breeding. I saw photos of our puppy and her ancestors. I heard about the care she provides to her dogs and puppies. She listened to what we were looking for in a puppy as we wanted a dog that would go well without other Miniature Australian Shepherd. To make a long story short Nancy selected the absolutely perfect puppy for our home. She is beautiful, healthy, and has a terrific disposition.

I am happy to testify that City Slicker Ranch is an A+ place to buy a puppy. With the exception of a destroyed sandal or two, I would not hesitate to call Nancy again for another puppy.


The Smith Family


Hi Nancy, O my do we love this little "Peanut"!!! He is the sweetest loving.  Sending you a few pics.....I can hardly get anything done around here just snapping  pics of him all day.  It's like having a newborn...wanting to capture every moment!  When he is not napping he is following us staying right by our side.   That drive to Fl. was well worth it!  Thank you, Nancy for picking this little guy out for us, he is perfect!!


Alice, David and "Peanut"


Just a note to thank you. After our research, we decided that the mini Australian Shepherd was a breed  we were very much interested in. So our search began, as all do these days we turned to the internet.


A little sceptical at first, due to the number of puppy mills you hear about. Once we spent time with you via phone and email we were sure this was not puppy mill ( i've had easier job interviews ) Because of your knowledge and love for this breed we knew we had to visit your program. Our arrrival at your beautiful ranch was a WOW, we were greeted by who else but the stars of your program your babies, lets see; Hunter, Ashley, Possum, Catherine to name a few. I was impressed that your dogs are part of the family, they run the ranch, in out of your home and no cages like one fears with puppy mills. After meeting the adults and a face to face get to know us session,you said you had 2 pups you thought would be a good match for us and just what we were looking for. Pup #1 although beautiful was just not grabbing my heart. But then you brought out our beautiful baby girl, a mini blue merle (it was love a first wet sloppy kiss) Miss Piper. We bonded right away-and to keep that bond going you arranged playdates for us (another impressive thing being you actually run a ranch and your time is valuable). So our 4 hour round trips began until she was ready to come home.  

Now here it is 6 months later and we decided that Piper needed a "buddy", you did it all over again for us- a  fabulous little  red tri toy boy- we named Buddy fo course. ( no fear we practice safe sex at our house...Piper has been spayed and he will be neutered. Aftercare, thats what I call all my calls and emails to you about training, health, supplements; you know just questions about our children ( the little four legged ones who rule our world). You are so prompted in getting back to us. My Vet says you really know your stuff.

So another great big THANK YOU from the Declemente family: Fred, Debra, Piper, Buddy and our ( we call him Grandpa Waddles) our 13 yr old mini poodle Beau.

PS: He thinks the kids are very entertaining. Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime.


Hi Nancy,

I hope all is well on your little Ranch.  It was such a pleasure to drive up and see the lovely home you have created for your family and your animals.  I wish I lived closer so I could take riding lessons with the kids.  

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the care you take with your dogs.  Not only do you provide for their physical needs but you provide support for their intellectual, psychological and emotional well being as well.  To me, one of the most impressive things for me was that we were invited to look around and I saw no runs.  You keep your dogs in groups of compatible friends in really large grassy fenced areas, each of which has a small (in people sizes, not a small dog house) house for sleeping and shelter. The dogs are in great condition, are happy and friendly and clean and beautiful.  I have visited a number of kennels over the years and never saw a nicer, better, more welcoming place. Do you remember the girls greeting the day we came to see the puppy for the first time?  It was an absolute delight. I saw a group of lovely ladies just dying to say ‘hi’ … not a wall flower in the bunch.

Besides the great care you give your dogs, I was very impressed with the screening you did to make sure that the puppy my daughter-in-law took home matched her family dynamics.  Not too many breeders ask things like: why do you want this kind of dog? Do you have a family? How many kids do you have?  How old are those kids? Do those kids want a dog? Who will care for your puppy when you are away? What do you expect of your puppy?  What other pets do you have? And more…  You also make your policy on breeding rights and spay/neuter very clear and up front.  While to some they may seem extreme, I can only commend your position and wish more people would stand up for their breed in this fashion.  But that’s another soap box for another day. 

And then you made a recommendation, we came to visit and the deposit was made.  It was an easy decision.

My daughter-in-law picked up their little black tri girl when she was about 12 weeks old and she rode quietly home as good as gold.  They named her Bindi. Now 18 months old, she has been the perfect dog for them. And me. I am so thrilled to have her as my grandpuppy. I take my grand children to school every day and Bindi rides along whenever possible and spends the day with me.  I also get to have her when her family is on vacation or take weekends away.  Nancy, you really hit the bullseye when you recommended Bindi to my family.  She is the right size, the perfect temperament for this family, very smart, adaptable, etc.  We all think she is perfect.  Bindi was well socialized when she came to us and we have made every effort to keep her that way.  She goes to soccer games and shopping, visits friends and family and recently became an excellent sailor when the kids bought a boat.  They include her in everything they can, she is such a joy to have around.

My daughter-in-law has talked about getting another dog to keep Bindi company at some point in the future.  Please know that if this were to happen we would not consider getting a pup from anyone else. We would just fill you in on what the family situation was like at that point in time and put our trust in your judgment. I am looking forward to the day when I can have one your pups for my own. I visit your website most days and yearn for that perfect puppy.  It will happen, I just need to be patient and let you be my guide.  You might not know me very well, but you do know your dogs and I trust that you will do for me what you did for my son and daughter-in-law and their family.

Nancy, please feel free to give anyone who wishes to talk more about my experience at your ranch and/or Bindi my email address. I would prefer that you not publish it but am perfectly ok with you giving it to them if you think they would benefit by talking with me. As I suppose  you can tell, Bindi is one of my favorite subjects.   Keep up the good work. Take care and let me hear from you soon.




We became the proud owners of a precious blue merle miniature Aussie last February.  We are so pleased with our new “fur child”, that we wanted to take a few moments to share our experience with City Slickers Ranch.  Nancy Stacy’s extensive knowledge of responsible breeding and the Aussie breed, combined with her genuine passion for her program, has led her to produce dogs of spectacular quality.  Our little darling first caught our eyes with her stunning looks – she has striking blue eyes and gorgeous markings.  It was her sweet temperament and intelligence, however, that captured our hearts.  We have truly never encountered an animal like this before, and she has become a cherished member of our family.  Wherever we go people are captivated by our puppy.  Our puppy has never met a stranger and loves everyone she meets; everyone wants to pet her, play with her, and of course … know where she came from!  In fact, our family also has plans to adopt another puppy from City Slickers Ranch.  Our eldest daughter was recently married and is dying to have a puppy just like ours!  We could not be more pleased with our experience and would happily recommend Nancy Stacy as a breeder to anyone.  Thank you City Slickers!!

Renee Kirker and Family


Dear Potential Puppy Buyer,


I am the Kennel Operations Manager for a LARGE volume municipal animal control facility in Georgia. Our shelter takes in over 14,000 animals every year. I adopted a Mini Aussie and fell in love with the breed. Several years ago, a dog that Nancy bred/sold, as a puppy, found his way into our shelter due to a family break up. Mocha was a beautiful, wonderfully behaved, red merle Mini that I considered adopting and keeping as my own. I did foster him for a few days and even contacted the previous owner to find out a little more about him. It was then, that I discovered that Mocha was a “City Slicker Ranch” dog. Ultimately, we decided that Mocha was not a good fit for our family (through no fault of his own) but I couldn’t bear the thought of returning him to the shelter. I contacted Nancy, through her website. I asked her if she would consider taking Mocha back. She was appalled that Mocha ever made it to our facility, but excited that I had contacted her and she absolutely wanted him back. She is committed to every animal that she breeds for the entire lifetime of that animal. We started making travel arrangements for Mocha. It’s worth noting that we are a seven hour drive from Ocala, FL. We were eventually able to get Mocha to a friend of Nancy’s, that did end up adopting him. Over the years, Nancy and I developed an “email” friendship and we kept in touch.

Through our “conversations” I learned more about the breed that I had fallen in love with; only to fall more helplessly in love. I desperately wanted another Mini, but working at a high kill animal shelter, I couldn’t bring myself to “buy” a dog; especially when I had to euthanize thousands of dogs every year. Routinely, I would check her website and gaze longingly at the beautiful puppy pictures of the dogs that she had available. So, I waited years, hoping that another Mini would come into our facility; it never happened.

During those years, my Daughter, took our dogs through basic obedience classes and started working in agility. Then the unthinkable happened, there was an accident and our beloved pet tore her ACL, and her obedience/agility career was over. However, my daughter had been “bitten” by the “show bug.” She was only eight years old, but already she had made up her mind, that when she grew up, she wanted to be a dog trainer. So, we started thinking about getting another dog that she could show both in confirmation and/or obedience. We knew that if we were going to acquire this type of dog, that it would have to be bred by a responsible breeder and that would mean $money$. I still struggled with the thought of buying a dog.

I contacted Nancy and mentioned what we wanted to do. We talked a lot about how dog sports were wonderful for kids to get involved in. Nancy told me to hold out and she would find us the perfect puppy. She sent me a list of questions to ask my daughter about what would be her ultimate dream dog. I sat down with my daughter and we answered Nancy’s questions. As time passed Nancy and I kept in touch. One day, Nancy said that she might have the right puppy for us; but she wanted a few more days to properly evaluate the puppy. A few days later, Nancy wrote that she had the perfect dog for us. She gave me the deal of a lifetime ($850.00 pup for free)  and I made arrangements to drive the seven hours to Ocala, FL. I went to City Slickers Ranch and met a lot of the dogs there; and Nancy and I talked for hours! The red merle puppy she picked out for us was just beautiful, and I knew that my daughter would be thrilled; and she was. We named our new family member Riley, and my daughter started “training” right away. It was amazing how quickly she caught on to everything.

I have worked professionally with dogs for over 20 years and I help match dogs with new families every day. I could not have picked out a better dog for our family, than Riley. She is the perfect dog for us. Not only did Nancy “hit a home run” for us, in picking out our new family member; we are assured in the fact that Riley will be with us for a long, long time. We have this assurance not only because of all the knowledge, of the breed, that Nancy has acquired and shared, but with all of the genetic testing she performs on her breeding dogs, she knows exactly what type of animals she is producing. She knows her stuff! She provides all of the preventative care that puppies need, appropriate for their age, and you are guaranteed a healthy puppy. She stands behind her babies, 100%. She will be a lifetime resource for any questions or concerns that you may have. She won’t just sell you a puppy and disappear. If you are looking to add one of these wonderful dogs to you family, you can’t pick a better place to find it than City Slickers Ranch, in lovely Ocala, Florida.


Priscilla Crisler


When my husband and I decided we wanted a mini australian Shepherd we knew we wanted to purchase our dog from a breeder. After an extensive search we thought we had found a breeder in new jersey, where we live. The breeder turned out to be not quite reputable and so we extended our search to other states. I found city slickers ranch online and spent a long time reading through the website. I decided to call Nancy and once I did, I knew we had found our breeder. She spent over an hour talking to me about the breed, her breeding lines, and answering every question I had. I could tell how much passion she had for the dogs and her work. We were nervous about buying a dog that we had not met, so I was considering flying to Florida to meet with the puppy. I had read many horror stories online about people receiving puppies that looked nothing like their picture, or having a temperament totally different from what they were promised.  After speaking with Nancy multiple times I honestly felt like she would give me a completely true assessment of the dog. We decided to go ahead and have the dog shipped. Nancy made sure we had a list of all the things we would need before the puppy arrived as well. When I picked the puppy up from the airport he was the exact puppy I saw online and after his nerves calmed a bit I could tell his personality was exactly as Nancy has described. For anyone looking for a toy/mini Aussie I would 100 percent recommend Nancy and city slickers. She is honest and trustworthy and you can trust that you Are getting exactly what she says you are. We love our dog and know that we want a second puppy in the future. When the time comes, we will definitely be getting our second from Nancy!


Brielle & Ray


We cannot say enough wonderful things about Nancy Stacey. Her ethics in loving care, health of the pups, and selective breeding of these wonderful pups are exemplary! The first time we called Nancy, to visit the gorgeous babies, she was extremely thorough and informative. She presented the pups in a very clean and loving environment, and immediately we bonded with our baby boy. She showed us our pup's, Daddy too.. Nancy gave wonderful instructions on "bringing home baby" and answered any questions we had at that time or later on. Nancy offers the most lovely Aussie pups around, they are healthy, loved, and they are treasures! We would return to Nancy for pups without the slightest hesitation after we had this wonderful experience. It truly was a wonderful experience bringing our baby home ! We have recommended Nancy highly to others.

Nancy, from our hearts, Thank you! We will be sure to return to you for pups in the future!!!


Niki & Shane from Florida


I would highly recommend Nancy Stacy if you are looking for a mini or toy Australian Shepard. Nancy spent a lot of time with my family answering our questions and evaluating our desires and educating us so that she could suggest which puppy would be best suited to our family and our lifestyle. She took extra time with our girls as well and made us all comfortable while we visited her beautiful home. We traveled about 2 1/2 hours to get to Nancy's place and she made sure we knew how to get to her with the easiest \safest route. It was very evident from the very beginning that her fur children's welfare is of utmost importance. To this day Nancy is available to answer any questions I might have. She is extremely knowledgable about the Australian Shepard and what they need to thrive.   Her pups personalities are the best. She took the time to introduce us to our pups father, Traveler. He was so impressive. We also met many more of her fur children. Every single one of them made me sure that she was the person we wanted to help us find our newest family member. Zu Zu's personality can't be beat. She is everything Nancy said she would be and even more. She is beautiful and healthy and oh so smart. We really appreciate the time she took to get to know the kids and the suggestions she made to them for training and play including agility training options. My youngest began calling her "Aunt Nancy" almost as soon as she met her and continues to talk about her often. She was three at the time and just loved being at the ranch. Zu Zu has been such a wonderful addition to our family that we hope to some day to add a little male pup to the family.

Chris Fargo


Getting my mini Aussie puppy from Nancy Stacy has done so much more for me than just adopting a pet. I named him Fathom and my cat's name is Sonar, and yes it takes sonar to find a fathom. * Nautical Joke *

Fathom first grew up in Key Largo Fl.; we lived one hundred feet from the oceanfront. He was quick to figure out not to drink salt water and became addicted to swimming and kayaking, he even goes snorkeling with me and rides on my back. Fishing off the boat is no problem.

We now happily reside on St. Croix Virgin Islands USA. Fathom has a panoramic view of the north side Caribbean and again loves the beach and swimming, in the ocean and pool.

Fathom not only became like my child, he gave me the desire to strive better in all aspects of my life. His unconditional love and ability to communicate astonishes me to this day. Not a morning goes by that I am not happy to wake to his adorable face patiently waiting for my eyes to open. "Yes he has his own pillow on the bed"

I don't know how to convince him that there is not a second exit door in the bathroom, so he comes in with me every time. He never leaves my side; even into the shower to wash the salt off him is never a problem.

Fathom can play all day or hang out in the hammock. When he turned about four years old, he started to wag his tiny rear end to show he was excited. His smile matured as well, one side lifts up just before he wags.

Changing the routine is rarely a problem, he adapts so well. I do get to take him to work with me sometimes. He never shows disappointment when he gets to ride in the jeep, the sunshade bikini top "For the jeep that is" was purchased for him not me. I could not have asked for a better son.

Thank you Nancy so much for being such a special person that brought me my Fathom into my life. I know he has made me a better person for giving me so much love every waking moment. I feel I won the lotto the first day I got him. That feeling has never faded. I know all other aussie lovers understand exactly what I am saying.

Bunches of hugs from the islands

Sandy, Fathom & Sonar